In Motion Training Center (IMTC) is made up of caring professionals, who strive to instill confidence, good sportsmanship, team play, fitness, and the art of motion in their students.

It is a commitment to the arts, sharing with and contributing to the community at large.   The dance community, as any other arts community, is committed to its roots around them, and they are a viable resource to the community, with a wide reach.

In Motion Training Center has its own core of training and beliefs.  At IMTC, each group class has a specific curriculum whether it is a dancing, tumbling, or cheer-leading class. It gives a sense of accomplishment for students and parents alike, and everyone is clear on the goals set for each succession of levels. Our classes are taught in an equitable format with emphasis on teamwork, good sportsmanship, and honesty.  Our students are not isolated based on religion, school, or racial makeup. We are not an adjunct of any religious, racial, or school affiliation;  IMTC enrolled students are a team in and of themselves, who strive for goals that contribute to the group and the communities around them.

Tracy Smith, owner of IMTC, has been involved in dance for over 20 years, and she shares her vast knowledge, technical training, and edgy choreography with her students. Mr. Nick, co-owner of  IMTC, brings an equally vast background in gymnastics and is IMTC’s tumbling coach. Combined they offer excellent choreography and training for dance and cheer teams.

Private lessons in dance, tumbling, and cheer are available. These lessons can focus on choreography, spot training, and proper execution for an audience.

Our Amazing Creative Staff

Nick Nicholls
Tumbling Coach

Tracy Smith
Studio Director

Nicole Lee
Dance Instructor

Julian Minnie
Dance Instructor

Briana Williams
Dance Instructor