The Benefits of Tumbling for Young Kids

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Gymnastics and tumbling are now being melded into the same discipline within dance studios. This is occurring because they are very similar in nature and incorporate many gymnastics skills into dance choreography. As one of the leading studios offering gymnastics near Beaumont CA, parents often ask us what the benefits of tumbling are for their young kids.


Strength and confidence work together. When a child comes into our tumbling class near Beaumont CA, they will learn that confidence is of the utmost importance. When it comes to tumbling, there is no one that stands out as a star. Instead, everyone will be working on their own form to better themselves.

Without a team, this brings the pressure off of an athlete. There are no favorites seen or star players that garner all of the attention. Instead, kids will learn to be confident in themselves and improve their own performance.


Flexibility is essential in tumbling. Without being flexible, a person will not be able to realize their true potential. We teach children the basics of stretching and ensure that every person stretches the right way. This will allow a person to engage in other sports or activities that require an advanced level of flexibility.

Flexibility also reduces the chance of injuries that can be incurred which is a great benefit to every athlete.


Flexibility will be accompanied by strength. While weights are not involved, a person will gain muscle at their local gymnastics class near Beaumont CA. This is due to the fact that a person will have to learn to control their body to the utmost degree.

By putting continual strain on their muscles, your child will remain toned while building muscle. The bodies core muscles will also be built as well as legs and arms. From a health aspect, tumbling is one of the best opportunities to remain physically fit and do so from a young age.

Cognitive Benefits

Not only are physical benefits seen, but so are cognitive benefits. When a student has to memorize routines or interact with coaches, they will be amplifying their cognitive skills. Furthermore, the concentration needed throughout a routine will benefit a student in their schooling. This is a disciplined approach and it works as teaching one of the fundamental cores of tumbling in a fun atmosphere.

Social Benefits

Working together with coaches and other children will lead to increased social activity. Not only is this an environment where new friends can be made, but it is also a place where a child will learn to trust others.

Emotional growth and learning to appreciate others through their struggles is also seen. Everyone in our classes is taught not only to respect themselves, but to be proud even when they fail a skill. This allows a person to accept failure and do their utmost to improve so that they can perform a routine or skill perfectly on their next try.

Tumbling classes near Beaumont CA is both fun and rewarding. The best part is that kids, both young and older, are able to join in on the fun. Our classes are designed to be fun and rewarding. We teach the basics of tumbling and will move up with students that are ready for the more advanced stages.

Our goal is to provide kids with the possibility of a positive outlet. We teach respect, discipline and have an immense amount of fun in every class. We are located right down the hill in Hemet just a short 15 minute drive from Beaumont. Our training is fun, exciting and always packed with kids that want to master the art of tumbling and Gymnastics.