General Dress Code Rules that apply to ALL classes

  • No Jewelry of ANY kind may be worn in class


  • Any color leotard & black, pink, or tan tights
  • Ballet slippers & tap shoes
  • Dance Appropriate skirt or shorts optional
  • Hair must be pulled back in a way that it is out of the eyes


  • Fitted stretchy dance clothing such as dance shorts, crop tops, tanks, etc.
  • Tights optional
  • Jazz shoes, lyrical sandals, or socks


  • Any stretchy dance clothing
  • Must be able to see feet (ie NO Extra Long Pants)
  • Tap shoes

Hip Hop

  • Clothes you can move in
  • If street sneakers are worn in the studio, please make sure there are no rocks in the bottom soles. (This will damage our dance floor). Instructor may ask you to remove shoes for the class.
  • We prefer a pair of shoes that are only worn for HipHop dance class.
  • No metal straps or buckles on the shoes.


  • Any color leotard
  • Pink or black tights
  • Ballet skirt optional
  • Hair must be pulled back out of the face & in a neat bun
  • Ballet shoes
  • Warm ups optional

Musical Theater

  • Any stretchy dance clothing

Tumbling/Acro/Gym Events

  • Leotard or fitted dance shorts and fitted tank top/crop top
  • NO TIGHTS, SOCKS, OR SHOES (must be barefoot)
  • Hair must be pulled back so that it is completely up & out of the face


  • Fitted stretchy dance or cheer shorts and fitted t-shirt
  • Hair must be completely up and out of the eyes
  • Barefoot, while working on mats
  • Tennis shoe, while working on flooring